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Foot and leg deformities can be present at birth or develop as you age. Often, these deformities are treated at birth or in their early stages, and functionality of your foot or leg can be restored, allowing you to use your feet and legs with little pain or difficulty. However, if these deformities are not corrected properly, you or your child may have difficulty walking or may experience pain with every step. The following are deformities that affect your legs or feet:

  • Amniotic Band Syndrome.
  • Bunions. 
  • Claw Toe. 
  • Clubfoot.
  • Dysplasia. 
  • Enchondroma. 
  • Flat Feet. 
  • Gordon Syndrome. 
  • Haglund's Deformity. 
  • Hallux Limitus. 
  • Hallux Varus. 
  • Hammertoes. 
  • Jackson-Weiss Syndrome. 
  • Mallet Toes. 
  • Metatarsalgia. 
  • Osteomyelitis. 
  • Peroneal Tendon Dislocation/Dysfunction. 
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction. 
  • Sesamoiditis.
  • Spurs. 
  • Tarsal Coalition.

If you notice symptoms of any of these deformities in yourself or if your child has been born with (or seems to be developing) foot or leg deformities, you should visit your doctor for an examination and treatment.

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